Is that her bike?


Ellie walked down the main street, her heart racing from running away from her loud friends. They were teasing Ellie for liking her, none of her friends like her. They thought she was rude and unnecessarily rude to people around her. But Ellie saw the beauty in her. The way she would flip her hair as she was beginning to work, or how she bite her lip when thinking. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown that Ellie could stare at forever. There was a time when Ellie accidentally bumped into her, their skin barley touched but it left a tingle in Ellie’s arm for the rest of the day.

“Ellie, slow down. You walk to fucking fast.” Her friend, Jonie groaned.

Ellie turned around, smirking. “Well you shouldn’t fucking tease me you ass.”

Jonie made a snort noise and continued walking towards Ellie’s house in silence. Their other friend Pete caught up to them, sensing the tension between the two he did not say anything. They weren’t that far from Ellie’s house, so the walk wasn’t too awkward. But as they got closer to her house they noticed a red bike laying across the grassy yard.

“Did one of you guys bike here and I didn’t notice?” Ellie asked.

“No, that isn’t ours.”

They were puzzled by the mystery bike but shrugged it off figuring it was one of Ellie’s little brothers bike or something. They walked into the small house, kicking their shoes off in the door frame, and traipsed into the kitchen. But there was someone sitting at the kitchen table, with long black hair that was pulled into a bun, sitting atop her head.

“Is that her bike?” Pete asked.

The girl turned around, a cute smile on her delicate face. “I have a name.” she said, a corner on her mouth turned upward into a smirk.

“Christina what are you doing here?” Ellie asked, paying no attention to the glares her friends were giving her.

“I came here to talk to you alone,” her chocolate eyes were glaring at the two teenager behind Ellie. “Do you mind?”

Ellie opened her mouth, but the words would not fall from her tongue.

“It’s fine, we’ll leave.” Pete pipped up. Ellie looked over at him, not expecting to say that. “Just call us after or something.”

Jonie glared at Pete but allowed him to drag her out of the house. The two girls were left alone in the house, both staring at the doorway. Christina stood up, gaining Ellie’s attention.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Ellie said, her voice quieter than usual.

Christina walked closer to Ellie, making Ellie feel like she had just begun to run and she was out of breath. Her hands became sweaty and she grew nervous. The look in Christina’s eyes was something Ellie had never seen. Christina stopped right in front of Ellie’s face, their noses almost touching. Ellie could smell her perfume, cotton candy and a hint of coffee. Ellie drew in her breath slowly, not wanting to seem to nervous.

“Uh..wh-” Ellie began to speak but was cut off by Christina putting her soft lips on hers.


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