Women are not to blame


I have grown up in a world where my parents have told me to dress appropriately, so that men’s gaze doesn’t fall upon my body in the way that makes me shrink into myself. They told me that my skirts have to be go past the tips of my fingers, and my shirt cannot show cleavage. But as I grow older I begin to realize how illogical it is. It should not be my duty as a woman to dress so that I do not get touched or harassed by men. It should be the duty of men to not look upon a women with that type of look that makes the cringe and shrink into their bodies and minds. Sometimes what we wear does not stop men from doing that. Sometimes little girls feel the wrath of men who cannot control their urges, and was it what they were wearing set the man off? The answer is mostly likely no.  Maybe instead of teaching young girls how to dress, parents should teach young boys how not to rape, not to make women feel uncomfortable. Then maybe this world will be less fucked.

Woman should not be blamed for their rape, because they were drunk or they were being too provocative or she never said no. Being drunk doesn’t allow anyone access to someones body. Wearing a short, tight dress doesn’t mean she’s asking for it, or that she’s a slut. Just because she never said no does not mean she wants you, if she is pulling away or squirming, she does not want that to be happening.

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