The forest is my room.

The air seemed static around me, raising the hair on the back of my neck. I looked into the sky, the grey gloomy clouds were rolling in. From a far you could see the light come from the clouds and strike down on the ground.  Sheets of rain followed behind the dark cloud. In the distance I could hear the booms of thunder.

“Molly!” My mother called, “Please come inside the storm is coming.”

I grabbed the book that lay on my lap and bolted into the house, not wanting to get caught outside in the rain. Mom sat in the chair her hair pulled into a tight pony tail like it always was. She was staring at the wall, her eyes glazed over. I walked past her and ran into my room, skipping every other step on the staircase.

My room was neat for a 10 year old’s, my bed was made and all of my clothes were put away in the bureau. My cat, snuggie, was curled up on my pillow. I walked over to him, resting my head right by his body.

“Hey buddy you won’t leave me this storm?” I muttered to snuggie.

She nuzzled her cold wet nose into my face, I took that as a no. The rain began to beat down onto the house making it’s own melody on the panels. Snuggies ears perked up at the sound of the rain on the panels. He made the weird squeaky noise that we called meowing and pawed at my face.

“What is it?” I asked him softly, my voice barley going over a whisper.

He “meowed” again  and I took that as a notion to look outside. It was dark, it looked like it was night time. The sky was beginning to have a circus and a light show. I squeezed my eyes shut as the thunder got closer and closer.

I don’t like thunder and never have. I was sensitive to loud noises, ever since the fights. There was a loud crack and then the sky lite up. Snuggie and I jumped, his claws digging into my soft skin making me cry out in pain and then hit him softly on the nose. I pulled my book out from under me, somehow I laid down on the book. I took it out and to get away from the sounds of the storm and got lost in the adventure that lay before me. Snuggie began to purr in my ear as I read on and together we waited out the storm.

I opened my window, the humidity lay over my like a blanket. I leaned out my window the trees bending down from the weight of the water. It smelt like rain, the mix of pine and the fallen sky. I closed my eyes and got lost in the smell. If I closed my eyes it felt like I was in the forest rather than my room. The wooden sill that was digging into my hip bone was a tree branch that I was leaning on to look at the river that was close to over flowing. The trees of the forest bent down to me to tell me the secrets of the trees. I listened. I parted my lips to let the scent roll onto my tongue and I could almost taste the fog and pine. Snuggies nose on my elbow was a snail crawling onto my arm from the branch digging into my hip bone.

The rushing sound of my imaginary river kept me calm and safe. There was a knock on my door, bringing me out of my forest.

“Molly,” my mother said softly against the wood of the door frame “Can you come help me with dinner?”

I sighed and pushed off of the window sill, closing it before I left my room. Snuggie following behind me.

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