Day 86, year 1


Day 86, year 1

Celia and I have found an okay hiding place for now. I’m not going to say where in fear they might find this. But we’re safe for now. It quiet and we cannot see the burning city which is a nice change. But the quietness is getting to me. I cannot sleep, but that’s not new. Celia’s leg is healing, slowly, but it’s healing. The puss and redness has gone away, now it’s itchy. I remember my mother always saying that when a cut was healing it would get itchy. Or maybe that’s what I imagined my mother saying when my cuts got itchy.

Last night there was a raid in the town we were in.

Honestly I do not know how we survived. We hid in a tube. It felt as if we were in there for months. We clung to each other out of fear, curled up for hours in the small tube. My neck is still sore from the way it was bent. But it’s better than the alternative.

They entered the house we were in. Celia and I huddled together as close as possible. They opened up cupboards downstairs, throwing the rusty pans across the floor. They were trashing the place. There were footsteps coming up the stairway to the hallway. They walked by the door, the door nob jiggled and opened. In that moment I felt my heart stop beating, I thought I was going to die. I do not know how he did not see us, but he looked around the room, glancing at every empty space in the room then closed the door. If Celia’s cut was bleeding he would have sure smelt it and we would have been captured.

When he looked into the room I could hear him breathing heavily. There was a distance between us but I could feel the tickle of his breath on my skin, making it crawl. All I could hear was his breathing and our hearts running fast. We held our breaths as if it would stop our heart from beating.

They left the house 20 minutes later, then we were finally able to breath fully without worrying about being heard.

They must have looted another house in the town because there were shrieks for the rest of the night. The screaming stopped sometime in the early morning. When we left we didn’t dare check to see what happened to them, knowing it would be a very gruesome scene.

We left the town as soon as the sun came up, we got to where we are now by the end of sun down. It’s dark now and the only light we have is from the stars and the moon.

I remember as a child I would laugh at that saying, but now I see how serious it is. Living in this world is much less of a joke than I used to think it would be. I used to think living with the threat of dying each day was a fun adventure, that traveling from empty town to empty town was going to be a beautiful thing to see. Now I cannot help but look down at my feet whenever I see a town.

I wish things were back to how it used to be. But I know it never will and we will have to build a new world, somehow.


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