The RioT GrrrL Manifesto

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution

I foresee many blogs coming about riot grrrl sort of topics, so I figured for those of you who aren’t as familiar with the 90s movement, I’d give you a quick brush up on the manifesto of the riot grrrl. The essence of why riot grrrl was what it was, and why it was important, and what they hoped to achieve. And in many ways, DID. Certainly not to a 100% accomplishment, but change is slow. It doesn’t come overnight. And from what Kathleen Hanna said in the recent GRITtv interview, we have come a long way. Back when riot grrrl started, girls at punk shows were nearly unheard of. Those brave grrrl punks who tried to brave a show didn’t have an easy time of it. These days, punk is a lot more diverse and isn’t quite the guy-fest that it used to be.

But these aren’t the only…

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