They don’t get the joke

“You’re a feminist??”
they whisper
as if I have disease
or someone might here them.

treat the person with caution
they get appalled by rape and sexist

they don’t seem to find humor in
gender oppression and
sexual abuse
that’s so weird


Aftertaste of Shame: When Will They Stop the Blame?

A rush comes with anger
With the aftertaste of shame.
I didn’t think this would ever happen to me
And I am not to blame

With the aftertaste of shame
I cover my body, to feel safe
And I am not to blame
Empty streets and long walks home

I cover my body to feel safe
When will they realize I was sober
Empty streets and long walks home
We must remember, we will always remember

When will they realize I was sober
They say I am at fault, but how?
We must remember, we will always remember
We need to take action now.

They say I am at fault, but how?
This shouldn’t happen to anyone
We need to take action now
A rush comes with anger

How feminism has helped me

So I realized I haven’t posted in a while, and this makes me sad. I obviously cannot post regularly because I forget and I’m lazy. But I do post, which is something. To me, maybe not to you. And by you, I mean you the reader the one who is staring at these words hopefully maybe with an amused look on your face. Because you are probably thinking “what is this girl rambling about?” because if I was in your shoes that’s what I would be thinking. Well that’s what I’m thinking right now actually, and how my coffee is cold, again.

Anyways I do have a point to why I am posting, not to just blabber on about things that aren’t important.

So feminism.

I am still new to it, I am still learning, well we’re all still learning. There isn’t like a badge of feminism that says “YOU ARE THE HIGHEST RANKING FEMINIST” no that’s not a thing, feminism isn’t like being a girl scout. That is what being a girl scout is like? I wasn’t a girl scout as a child so I could be totally wrong. ANYWAY. The point I am going to try to make is why feminism is important to me, Izzy. Many people have different reasons for believing in feminism, and I want to explain mine. Mainly because I just figured it out. I know why I believe in feminism and why it means so much to me now, and I think it’s a wonderful thing that I figured it out. I feel like I want to scream it to the clouds and talk about to anyone who will listen. But since everyone is working I will go to you, the reader/s, the internet! A magical place!

So I was in the shower this morning and I was looking at my legs, I haven’t shaved for a couple weeks or so, I initially didn’t shave all July but then some stupid thought popped up and was like Izzy shave your legs it’ll feel nice and I did, but it took a fucking hour to shave my legs, and I barely got any hair off so I just gave up again. But anyways my point to my legs is that, I’ve heard many stereotypes of the “typical feminist” and what they look like. The one stereotype that continues to pop up is a dirty, unshaven, butch lesbian. I and many people can say that is utter bullshit. Like people (because they are people gasp) feminists come in all different shapes, sizes, genders, skin color, sexuality, religion etc. So some feminist are straight edge, girly, weeaboos! They can be anything, and because of that the feminist community is so vast and different but everyone has the same intention, equality for everyone. Everyone is so understanding and accepting of everyone that it makes you feel better. Do you get what I’m saying?

I don’t think so, I’m just stringing words together hoping they make sense. Let me try again maybe.

Like before I “found feminism” I was really self conscious, I didn’t do things that I really wanted to because I thought be judged, and I thought wearing a lot of makeup would make me look like a “whore” and I just wasn’t happy with myself. But then I started to listen to Bikini Kill and I started reading books on women’s suffrage, and I got involved with the tumblr feminist community. And I realized something, I can wear whatever the fuck I want, I can put as much makeup as I want, I don’t have to shave my legs if I don’t want to. Because it’s not about pleasing other people, it’s about pleasing and making yourself happy. When I “found feminism” I became more open to peoples ideas, I was able to believe in something that made sense to me. It opened my eyes to what the world is like. I live in small community where women were treated like people, and there was a very prominent LGTBQ community. So I guess I took that for granted and thought that everywhere was like us, but it wasn’t. I’m glad that my eyes were opened to it and I didn’t stay ignorant to what is happening in the world. It’s good because if I went out into the world not knowing that everyone is not as nice as I think they are, I would I have been screwed. I’m not saying everyone is a horrible person but there are those people who are and you cannot avoid them.

I guess I kinda just grew up thinking that people were treated equally and gender or race or sexuality wasn’t being taken into account on peoples views on one another. So when I learned that it wasn’t like that, feminism just made sense. People should be treated equally, men should not dictate what I can do with my body, I want to have equal pay, I should not worry about my self image and how it affects other people, and most of all I want to feel safe about being self. And feminism showed me that, of course we’re gonna have to work for some of those things, we can’t just sit around and talk about it we need to stand up for our beliefs. I know if we try hard enough we can make a change.

Female Fronted Bands


I have a friend who has some questionable opinions. We wanted to start a band together, like every teenage kid, and I wanted to sing cause I thought it would be fun. The thing he said to me stuck with me for a while, and it wasn’t mean, but being a feminist it put me off a little bit. He said to me that we shouldn’t have a female singer because not many female fronted bands get famous. It bothered me because there are so many female fronted bands that are so famous and so amazing.  Because he said that to me I want to be just like “challenge accepted” watch me get famous.

There are a lot of great female fronted bands that don’t get as much reconnection as they should. So I have been making it my duty to find as many as possible. Normally when I talk about music it’s mostly about like 80s-90s music, mostly punk rock or something. I have noticed that a lot of girl punk bands talk a lot about feminism, sexism, sex, and things that pertain to being a girl. Which I find very empowering and totally badass.

  • Bikini Kill
  • Royal Trux
  • Blondie
  • Pat Benatar
  • Damone
  • The Cranberries
  • Hole
  • Jack Off Jill
  • Marina and The Diamonds
  • Pussy Riot
  • I guess Pussy Galore, there is Julia Cafritz, but she’s not the singer, she’s the guitarist
  • Deep Dark Robot
  • Queercore
  • Regina Spektor
  • Kids Love Lies
  • Kimya Dawson
  • The Distillers
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Free Kitten (which is actually Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon’s band)
  • The Donnas
  • Lilly Allen
  • Florence and The Machines
  • Paramore
  • Emily’s Sassy Lime
  • Cold Cold Hearts

There is soooo many more, I have actually just recently found a wonderful playlist of a bunch of these bands and of course they start with the song Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill, which is always the best way to start a Female Fronted band playlist

I know I must have missed a bunch of bands, there is no way I got all of the female fronted punk/rock/pop bands. That’s just what I could think of off the top of my head. But if you think of one or two or six please share them with me and I would love to add it to the list! Music is a wonderful way to help express things. So I hope if you don’t know these bands already that you look them up! Because most of them are amazing!