I am the lungs of the ground
Wrapped deep in the roots of history

I am the pavement
That everyone walks upon

I am your finger nails
Growing longer and thicker without notice

I am a word whispered
Quiet and not meant to be spoken aloud

I am a book by your bedside
My pages so woren out from love

I am the groan you breath out
In the morning as you wake up

I am a love poem
Who no eyes will meet

I am a growing child
Who is very much confused


The clock strikes midnight and the only thing in the house is the thornless rose and me.

Flower girl,
you are my calypso
head deep in the wisdom
of nothing
send me reeling out to
the raw nature of a
thornless rose


clip all the storms
and place them on the kitchen table
arrange them in a bouquet
covered in green tissue paper
I’ll wait for the storms
to mature and wilt
but I keep gazing at the
foot trodden doorstep
waiting for my calypso.




The RioT GrrrL Manifesto

When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution

I foresee many blogs coming about riot grrrl sort of topics, so I figured for those of you who aren’t as familiar with the 90s movement, I’d give you a quick brush up on the manifesto of the riot grrrl. The essence of why riot grrrl was what it was, and why it was important, and what they hoped to achieve. And in many ways, DID. Certainly not to a 100% accomplishment, but change is slow. It doesn’t come overnight. And from what Kathleen Hanna said in the recent GRITtv interview, we have come a long way. Back when riot grrrl started, girls at punk shows were nearly unheard of. Those brave grrrl punks who tried to brave a show didn’t have an easy time of it. These days, punk is a lot more diverse and isn’t quite the guy-fest that it used to be.

But these aren’t the only…

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DIY: skull collar necklace

DIY Skull Collar Necklace | Kittenhood

When the trend of collar necklaces came out, I was completely crazy about it! I don’t know how it happened, but I didn’t manage to make one for myself – up until now. This one has the delicacy of a collar, but also the edge of the thick chain, black beads and skull. Want to know how to make your own? It’s actually really simple.

How to make a collar necklace

What you need:

  • 12 beads
  • 12 eye pins
  • 5 jump rings
  • chain
  • central piece (skull or another charm)
  • clasp

Beads & eye pins

Black plastic beads

Divide your beads into two groups (6 and 6) and pass an eye pin through each one. Link the first group of six beads together, and then do the same for the second group.

Collar necklace

Skull Collar Necklace

Above, you have a sketch of how the necklace is supposed to be put together. Measure equal pieces of chain to the left and right, place the central piece in the middle…

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Figuring out religion as a teen is a weird thing. Figuring out religion and God and faith is a weird thing in general. It is asking to believe in something that you cannot see or hear or touch with blind faith and for many people that is a difficult thing to believe in. Many people, including myself, need hard facts. They cannot live off of the notion that there is someone, or thing, up in cosmos looking out after us.

I am growing up in a Muslim household, we are sufis. Sufism is a different path to the Muslim faith, like how there are different paths to Christianity. Sufism is deeper (I’m not putting down any other form of Islam), it’s less about praying 5 times a day and more about your connection with Allah(God) and how it affects your day to day life. I have grown up believing that Allah is all around us, within us, he/she is all around us and it’s weird but it makes sense to me. I don’t see Allah as this mighty man with a gray beard that over looks us small humans from up in the clouds.

But at the same time it doesn’t make sense. Because there is cold hard facts on how the earth was created and how we came to being, the big bang, evolution ect. But whenever I think that there is a nagging feeling in the back of my mind but how did everything start, before the atoms, before the universe before everything and it leads me to Allah. But that confuses me, because I can see this being that is supposedly around me and it bothers me. I go from cold hard science facts to being like “oh yeah God’s real, it makes sense” there is no in between, and I want to be in the in between.

Religion at this age is weird, and figuring out what you believe is even more weird because it’s just one more thing you are figuring out. I guess it’s just being a teenager that is weird. I don’t know. 

I want to write freely
It gives me the option to be beautiful for once
I can create a world where everyone is happy, the perfect place
I write to make people feel something
Because god knows people need to feel things once and a while

I haven’t written in a week
My hands shake
My minds hurls itself at me, screaming at me to
But they won’t budge

The river of words does not flow out of my fingers
So I type nonsense trying to shake this feeling
In hope that my mind can
and make me feel whole

Without words and sentences
I am nothing
I am a girl who has hands that float around suspended in boredom
Without words and sentences I cannot produce who I am trying to be
Words and sentences, writing and poetry is how I connect